HawkEye Portable Fish Finder w/WeedID®

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Portable Fish Finder With WeedID®

Absolute Portability…
With dozens of exclusive features including WeedID®, mountable and side-scanable sonar sensor, and 4 user selectable sensitivity settings, the F33P is guaranteed to produce even bigger fish stories. The compact, palm-sized design fits in your tackle box, gear bag, or even in your pocket. It displays depth, fish, and bottom structure readings from 1.5 to 99.9 ft on a no glare, polarized VirtuView™ liquid crystal icon display. Fish are clearly revealed with an integrated fish identifier, depth scale, and 2 stage audible fish alarm. The multipurpose transducer can be tossed from the shoreline, dock bridge, boat, or can be transom mounted or placed in-hull on a boat, kayak or canoe; Fish From Anywhere, No Boat Required Backed by HawkEye's industry leading 2 Year Warranty.

To Use:
Simply turn the power on, toss the unique floating sonar sensor from the shoreline, bridge, or boat and instant depth, fish, weed, and bottom contour readings are now in the palm of your hand.

Compact, Palm-Sized Design – Fits in Your Tackle Box, Gear Bag, or Even In Your Pocket
Depth, Fish, and Bottom Structure Readings from 1.5 to 99.9 Feet (.5 to 30.4 Meters)
Instant Depth Updates to the Nearest 1/10th Foot or Meter, Updated Four Times Per Second
User Selectable Feet or Meter Depth Readings
Algorithmic Programming Reduces False Readings
No Glare, Polarized VirtuViewTM LCD Icon Display
Fish Identifier, Depth Scale, and 2-Stage Audible Fish Alarm
4 User Selectable Sensitivity Settings
Battery Strength Indicator with Battery Save Mode and Auto Power Off