iBobber Pulse with Fish Attractor Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder for iOS and Android devices & Dr. Meter PS01 110lb/50kg Electronic Balance Digital Fishing Postal Hanging Hook Scale (Bundle)

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iBobber Pulse Wireless Fish Finder. Excellent Tacklebox Addition for All Types of Anglers and Styles of Fishing. The mobile fish finder, fish attractor, and app you can bring with you anywhere you fish. iBobber (Classic) was created with mobility and versatility in mind, and iBobber Pulse with FishSiren is no various. Anglers of all skill levels and types can take the latest in portable sonar fish discovering innovation anywhere, while likewise taking among the tiniest fish attractor units on the marketplace, all in one! Utilizing the iBobber and app on an iPhone or Android mobile device, anglers can mark and call fish, map depth shapes and underwater structure, conserve water temp, see weather, GPS tag catch area, save fish types, images and hot spots in the journey log, and decide to share on social media directly through the iBobber app if desired.– Comes with a huge digital LCD show, this electronic hanging scale is exact weighing tool for home, expressage as well as a great assistant for outside sports such as taking a trip, shopping, fishing and so on which specially designed with functions of tape, tare/zero, automobile off, unit conversion, data lock and the like.