Kibeland Wifi Fish Finder for Smartphone or Tablet, Fishing, Ice Fishing, Shore Fishing, Compatible with iPhone and Android

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* WIFI variety as much as 50M.

* This WiFi Fish Finder is specifically designed for amateur and professional anglers alike, to learn the location of fish, depth and bottom shape of water. It can be utilized in ocean, river or lake and is wonderful for finding schools of fish in any fresh water or salt water.

* This WiFi Fish Finder is based on sonar technology, the WiFi transducer sends an acoustic wave signal, the returned "echoes" are transmitted with WiFi innovation to the iPhone, IPAD or other intelligent devices, then all the undersea info is displayed on the screen, consisting of the water depth, water temperature, bottom shape, fish area and depth.

* The WiFi transducer is powered by built-in lithium battery; for that reason it is required to completely charge the battery through the charger.

* With choice of 12 languages: English, Russian, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hungarian, Portuguese, Polish.

* Built-in Water Temperature Sensor. Selectable meter (m) or feet (feet) readings and temperature level in ° C or ° F.


Sonar Frequency: 125KHz
Sonar Coverage: 90 degrees
Depth Capability: 0.6M-45M (2 – 135 Feet).
Power: 3.7 V recahargeable lithuim battery.
Running time: 5 hours completely charge.
Charger: 5V, 1A.
Wifi Range: 50M.
Wifi Frequency: 2.4 GHz.
Charging indicator: Red light.
Working indicator: Blue light.


Wifi Fish Finder x 1.
USB Cable x 1.
Neoprene Bag x 1.
English Manual x 1.
Standard Packaging Box x 1.