Lucky 100ft Portable Sonar Fish Finder Fishing lure Echo Sounder

Measure Units: Feet
Display: TN/Anti-UV LCD display
Oval sensor 7X4CM
Depth Range: Max: 100FT; Min: 3FT
Sensor Beam Angle: 45 degrees
Display the nature or scenario of bottom of Sea (i.e. grass, rock and sand).
Operating Temperature is from -20 ¡ ãC to 70 ¡ ãC( -4 ¡ ãF to 158 ¡ ãF).
Uses 4 x AA batteries (not consisted of).

Package Included:.
Fish Finder Display.
Finder Sensor (Transducer) with 33ft cable television.
Oval sensor with buoy.
Transducer Side-Scan Adapter.
strap and Bag.
Operation Manual.

Ways to use the Sonar Sensor:.
Toss the sensing unit and float into the water( Place the sensor and float in your hand, and toss underhand);.
Connect the Side-Scan Adapter to the boat hull using the installing tabs;.
Connect the sensing unit to a deal with, lower the sensing unit into the water.

The item can show the area of the fish, can also adjust the choice (big wheel, small fish, fish).
Exceptionally cold weather will affect the efficiency of the product. It is recommended that you keep the system in temperature levels above 0 degrees during operation.
Strong waves, suspended matter and muddy water, will impact the efficiency.
Ice fishing:.
Please remove the snow on ice to make sure the ice surface is smooth.
If there are any air in between the sonar sensing unit and ice, or the water listed below the ice, the unit will not work appropriately and will need you to try another spot, or cut a hole in the ice to use.
The hole on the ice would be much better to be larger.