MarCum Technologies Marcum Showdown 5.6 Digital Sonar System

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ShowDown 5.6 Digital Sonar System

With a snappy 8,000W, the uber-advanced, Showdown Digital Fishfinder has the power to provide an incredibly discerning 1/2" target separation, with plenty of juice to run a potent interference rejection system, as well as an infinitely adjustable zoom and auto bottom-lock zoom. Loads of features and functionality usually means a fish finder that's confusing to understand and operate. But ShowDown's simple intuitive operation makes threading waxworms onto your hook seem tricky by comparison. Think operating the ShowDown is easy? Check out the display_vertical, just like the water column. Top is the surface, bottom is bottom, and every signal in between is nothing but your lure surrounded by fish. Brilliant! And since there are no moving parts, batteries last far longer, running as quietly as a yawning minnow. 100% automatic, 100% digital-like a tireless silent assassin. Guys on TV use ShowDown for a reason-they demand the best, and so should you.

Higher contrast display produces better resolution
20° Transducer
8,000W Peak-to-Peak Power
1/2" Target Separation
Moveable Zoom – Infinitely Adjustable, anywhere in the water column
10 levels of Interference Rejection
Surface clutter elimination
25 Sensitivity settings
240' Range with Automatic Depth Scale function
Auto Bottom Lock Zoom – adjusts to the bottom 25% of the water column
Daylight Viewable Backlit Display
Ice-Mode activates Internal Heater to aid LCD in extreme conditions
Soft Pack, Rechargeable Battery and Battery Charger included
12V 9-amp Battery included