Portable in GPS Fish Finder,Depth Finder with Wired Sonar Sensor Transducer & Back Lit Display

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Item Size:
Fish explorer: 12 * 7 * 3CM
Buoy size: 8CM
Probe diameter: 4.5 CM.
Weight: 0.55 KG.
Material: ABS.
Finder frequency: 200KHz.
Sonar detection angle: 45 degrees sound.
Nano detection depth: 0.7-100m.
Host Power: 4 7 #.
Battery detection depth: 100m.
Detection frequency: 433.92 MHz.
Product structure: fish probe/ cable television/ buoy/ probe/ lanyard/ handbook.

product advantages:.
Can compare large and little fish;.
Wide detection;.
Can be utilized in muddy water;.
Anti – mess interference;.
Assistance ice fishing;.
Detection depth of 100m,.
Precision 0.1 m (0.3 feet).

1. Integrated alarm: the detection of fish, the software application released a sound alarm;.
2. Practical wide: for Taiwan fishing, fishing, Luya and other fishing methods.
3. To enhance the recognition: Finding fish precision of 95;.
4. Practical and fast: and line repaired after tossing water to begin fishing work;.
5. Sensitive freely: according to the depth of water can be easily changed level of sensitivity;.
6. Depth detection: detection series of 0.6-100 meters, the accuracy of 0.1 M (0.3 tt).
Item Features:.
1. Imagine the place of the fish population;.
2. Intelligent alarm tips fish;.
3. Intelligent distinction in between the size of the fish;.
4. Intelligent storage style, as long as set when, the regular shutdown will be set to clever storage;.