Raymarine T70229 CP100 & CP200 System Pack Transducers

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CP100 & CP200 System Pack with CPT-100 & CPT-200 TM TransducersCP100 CHIRP DownVision Sonar Module with CPT-100Raymarine's CP100 CHIRP DownVision Sonar Module brings effective finder imaging capability to Raymarine's full line of networkable multifunction displays.Two sonars in one, the CP100 features Raymarine's CHIRP fish targeting along with the photo-like CHIRP DownVision sonar. The CP100 interfaces to the RayNet (Ethernet) network allowing the CP100 to be accessed from any Raymarine network display. Unlike standard imaging finders that transfer on a single frequency with each pulse, the CP100's DownVision sonar utilizes CHIRP technology to send throughout a broad spectrum of finder frequencies with each pulse – the outcome is much higher-resolution, life-like finder images. CP100's fish targeting channel features incredible resolution allowing it to quickly separate specific baitfish in a school, and identify the bait from predator types. Best of all, the CHIRP fish targeting can be seen simultaneously with CHIRP DownVision for the supreme view of exactly what is underneath the water.The ultra-compact CP100 CHIRP DownVision Sonar Module works with all Raymarine a-Series, c-Series, e-Series and gS-Series multifunction screens. The CP100 is offered bundled with the CPT-100 transom mount transducer. The CP100 Sonar module just (no transducer included) can be coupled with optional plastic or bronze thru hull transducers. Features: Photo-like imagery of bottom structure utilizing CHIRP DownVisionCHIRP powered double channel sonar; view high resolution DownVision structure images and target fish with CHIRP sonar simultaneouslyPerfectly matched transom install and through hull CHIRP transducers availableFast reaction temperature level sensor built into the transducerMaximum depth 600 feet for both channelsSimple RayNet Ethernet connection to Raymarine a, c, e and gS Series MFDsCPT-100 transom install transducer includedOptional RayNet network cable television required to finish insta