Vexilar FL-22 12-Degree Puck Depth Finder

  • Vexilar Fl8se 9degree High Speed Depth Finder

Features:- Weatherproof, super-bright, 3-color LED (strong targets in red, medium targets in orange, weak targets in green)- Flat screen Display with super wide viewing angle- 525 segments of resolution- Six depth ranges down to 60 feet- Target ID of Less than 1/4 inch- Built-in low battery indicator- Special night mode setting for comfortable night viewing- 6 foot and 12 foot Auto Zoom Ranges, 6 foot Bottom Lock- Uses all Vexilar "FL" series transducers Specifications:- Frequency: 200 kHz- Power output: 400 watts peak-to-peak (50 watts RMS)- Display resolution: 525 segments- Current draw: 200 ma at 12V DC- Dimensions: 4.8"H x 6"W x 2.4"D- Depth Range: Maximum 60 ft.- Weight: 1.1 lb.- CE Certification: A001P100713005E